Monday, August 29, 2005

Not a word was spoken

I tuned in to both the National Pro Fastpitch championship games between the ChicagoBandits and the Akron Racers AND the All-Star game that followed eager to hear the commentators' takes on the release of the IOC vote which ousted softball from the 2012 Olympic Games. All throughout the Little League World Championships and, prior to that, the coverage of the World Cup, commentators spoke about the importance of fighting to reinstate the game, the numbers of the girls who would be without a dream if it got taken away, and the fervor of the fan response to the vote. I mean one vote!! And the rumor of confusion over what delegates were voting for and that the abstention was Jim Easton, chairman of Easton sports, the baseball/softball equipment supplier who abstained because of conflict of interest. (Turns out he recused himself prior to voting--he was not the delegate whgo abstained.) What fodder for the commentators.
And yet not a word was spoken. How can this be? I asked myself (because unlike the commentators who had a national audience--I had no one to talk to about this yesterday). Then I wondered whether this game was taped. And that in itself pissed me off. A league championship that is not shown live--are you kidding me? Well it turns out it was not live. It was on delay. But both games did take place on Sunday. So it was not as bad as I thought--except now there is no logical reason why the issue did not come up. There were plenty of opportunities, especially with commentator Cat Osterman talking about all the national team players and upcoming camps.
I thought softball would be yelling this news as loud and as often as they could. What is up with the weird silence?

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Amateur said...

That is strange. It made a pretty good splash in the news.