Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Calling all snowboarders

I have decided to write my cultural studies paper about subculture on snowboarders. Though I was intrigued by wrestling, I cannot pursue it because the assignment calls for analysis of a youth subculture and while youths watch pro wrestling they are not actual participants.
So, I have never been a snowboarder and was only a fair-weather (almost literally) skier so I have not spent a lot of time observing the habits of snowboarders. And now that I am out here in the flatlands I can't jaunt off to a ski resort to do some ethnographic data.
So I am asking snowboarders to give me some details. Please, please comment.
Here's what I am interested in:
1. style: the fashion, is there one style? do you have to wear certain clothes to be accepted? are there identifying clothes both on and off the slopes (i.e. can you pick out fairly easily a fellow snowboarder)?
2. class/economic issues: what socioeconomic class do most snowboarders come from? are they adhering to their class status or trying to shun it? why and how? do snowboarders have part-time jobs to support their habit or do they rely on mom and dad for funds? is working (or not) a part of snowboarder culture?
3. gender: are there differences in how male and female teenagers do snowboarder subculture? what are the gender relations that exist in this subculture?
I think that's the basics for now. Thanks!!


Amateur said...

Sorry, Ken, I'm a skier not a snowboarder (too square I think).

Anyway, thought this might interest you.

Anonymous said...

There is definately a machismo culture that exists within the snowboard culture. Guys are mainly found on the half pipes, girls are doing their own tricks on the mountains. Girls are generally thought of as 'weaker' and not as courageous, so they lose out on feeling accepted. There are some role models out there for girls, but it still is very 'girls wear the pink hats, boys wear the ones with fire dragons on them'.. Just check out a snowboard mag, you'll see whom the cater too.

ken said...

Thanks, anonymous, for the insight. I will check out the magazines. Please get your friends to comment too!