Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Ticker Talk

Waiting for the good matches (i.e. Mauresmo/Schnyder and Hingis/Clijsters) to come on tonight, I decided to watch the Big Ten men's b-ball match-up between Iowa and Indiana. As I was not very invested in the outcome, I paid more attention to--yes--the ticker scores. One of the categories was BIG TEN. It was there of course because this was a Big Ten match-up and is not a usual category--ok that's fine. It showed stats of basketball teams and players in the conference--men's teams/players specifically. I am willing to concede that again this was because ESPN was airing a men's game. But do they do the same during women's games? Sure ESPN will put up the scores of women's games (though there seem to be considerably fewer scores than traverse across the screen when the men's category is up) and even show the current rankings on a fairly consistent basis. But do they show stats? Or do they post pertinent news from the women's game as they do for other sports? Maybe they do and I just haven't seen it yet. Here's hoping.

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