Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Women's golf will go on

About a month ago I came across this curious post on the Golf Blog about the potential demise of women's golf when Annika Sorenstam leaves. I was shocked because I see the LPGA as having a lot of depth--granted I don't watch men's golf so I have little as a basis of comparison; but when I look at the rising young talent in golf, it reminds me of the viability of women's tennis which will go on now that Lindsay Davenport, Kim Clijsters, and seemingly Monica Seles and Jennifer Capriati have left. And it will go on when marquee names like Serena and Venus Williams are no longer on the draws.
Don't people generally like it when there is no one top contender? Isn't this past of the reason why men's tennis is losing its appeal? Roger Federer, as great as he is, has become a little too predictable--unless he's playing Nadal. I would think people--who aren't Sorenstam fans--would be happy she has slipped from the number one spot. I thought men--who seem to be in charge over at The Golf Blog--would be happy to see young women contenders on the LPGA; women like Natalie Gulbis who are not hesitating to use their sex appeal to promote themselves and the sport. (Not that I approve of these tactics.) Then there were the "genderless" anonymous commenters who spouted vitriolic comments about Sorenstam, lesbians on the tour, and fat women golfers. One would think they would be happy to see Sorenstam, who they accused of steroid use and being too masculine (are you kidding me with this?) retire.
Whether Sorenstam is playing or not, people like this will never like women's golf because women play it. There will always be, for them, too many lesbians, too many "fatties," too little skill, too much choking, too few Americans, too little strength, and on and on.


Gender Blank said...

people like this will never like women's golf because women play it.

This is today's depressing factoid.

Diane said...

Well that is a surprise, considering that Michelle Wie is supposed to be the most talented female golfer to ever come along. I imagine the critics are tired of waiting for her to win a tournament. I can understand that, but she's still very young.