Monday, March 17, 2008

Sports on the front page

This past fall and into the winter (aka baseball and football seasons to some folks) I was continually dismayed that The Boston Globe would put sports stories on the front page of the Sunday paper. I understand when they put the BIG stories there like World Series winners or Superbowl...well losers. But there seemed to be a sports story, one that took up a lot of inches, on the front page that should have been on the front page of the sports section. With all the "stuff" going on in the world I thought it was a poor editorial decision to highlight so prominently what was a relatively minor story.
So my prior discord made me stop and have to think about what I thought about UConn's Maya Moore's front page appearance this past Sunday. Of course this story started on the front page (way below the fold) and ended in the sports section. And it wasn't about a game or a season or a series, it was about one player which, in some way, suggests that the women's sports are anomalies and coverage of women's team sports, to be somewhat viable, must focus on a star player.
But, in the end, I was pretty pleased to see the Globe highlighting women's sports on its front page; and certainly Moore deserves the attention.

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