Friday, May 23, 2008

Mini fact

I was listening to last week's episode of Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me (I am several episodes behind--thank goodness for podcasts) and the "Not my job" segment was all about miniature golf. Why was miniature golf created at St. Andrews in Scotland? Yep, for the "ladies." So they wouldn't play with the big boys because, the belief was, that they couldn't play the non-mini version.
The Wikipedia version of events fails to acknowledge the sexism of the game's origins, but contest Jesse Ventura (yes the former pro wrestler, former MN governor) aptly(?) addressed present-day sexism in golf when he said that he wishes things were still the way they were in golf in the 19th century when the game was founded.

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Gender Blank said...

I soooo love Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! Paula Poundstone is my favorite. Talk about a woman playing a "man's game." I am also horribly behind on podcast queue is several months long!