Monday, October 05, 2009

The week in gay

I saw a very cute, very French movie last night, The Closet. If you want to know the plot, you can google it, I am sure. The point is that one homophobic guy serves as his company's rugby coach. But he is on notice not to engage in anymore gay slurs because of newly out colleague. He gets the no-no when he calls his team sissies, then complains that sissy is not a gay slur--it's just rugby talk. I am not going to beat to this to death--like I said, it was a cute, light movie--but I find that a lot of the problem with homophobia in sport is the language that is perpetuated by coaches and players alike--and that is never called out. I am not saying anything new, of course. But there are other ways to say it and other perspectives and some of those are available this week!
SUNY Binghamton kicks off its own gay pride week today and I think its notable that It Takes a Team director Pat Griffin is giving the keynote address.
Tomorrow night (Tuesday) Griffin is moderating a panel of gay intercollegiate athletes at UMass. Also at UMass is an ongoing exhibit (Fearless) of photographs of young gay athletes done by Jeff Sheng. (And my friend Morgan is in it! She's the rugby player.)
And on Thursday in the UMass student union is a screening of Training Rules, the documentary about the reign of former Penn State b-ball coach Rene Portland.
I realize this is all a little western Massachusetts-centric but if you know of other events happening this week, send them my way and I would love to post them!

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Scamp said...

Just put "Training Rules" on my Netfilx queue in the "Saved" section (once it's released on DVD, I'll get to see it.)