Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yes, Alexandra Stevenson is still playing

...and yes it appears that her mother still has her on one of those leashes that we usually see (problematically) on toddlers in the mall.

A link posted by Diane at Women Who Serve, tells us about the strange mother-daughter relationship (more implied) and that ever-so-lovely sport parent behavior by Samantha Stevenson. Never a fan of Ms. Stevenson myself for her "eeks my daughter is going to be accosted by lesbians in the locker room" statements in the late 90s when it looked like Alexandra was going to be something something, it seems she hasn't really changed--it's just that her daughter's profile has thus Samantha Stevenson doesn't quite have the same platform. [She was right about racism on the tour, but she discredited herself by coupling that with her homophobia thus burying any possible real discussion of subtle and overt acts of racism in the WTA.]

It seems that even as Alexandra, ranked in the 200s now, perseveres at small tournaments, her mother perseveres in her various level of...what shall we call it? Gamespersonship? Gamesmothership? (No, that sounds like something from a sci-fi flick.) Gamesparentship? Come up with your own appropriate noun--if it's good, post it in the comments.

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