Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is pink the new black?

Or maybe it's the new red--depends on what the usual color of boxing gloves is.
I feel as if I have devoted a lot of blog space to the pinkification of women's sports and so I am not seeking out the pink stories, but when things come my way--in 3s--it's hard to ignore.
So the latest is something called Pink Gloves Boxing. And it was featured on NPR's Morning Edition today. NPR! Guess it's time to write a letter.
Pink Gloves Boxing is a fitness enterprise started by two former football players who started to train women in boxing. They have developed a whole package that they now sell to gyms. And the package includes not just information on training routines but the gear which includes: dog tags, t-shirts, and pink gloves--of course.
The thing is, this program doesn't sound to me like it's any different than programs that already exist in gyms. My gym has a boxing class and many gyms have cardio boxing/kickboxing. After all, as the story states "There's no contact, no ring and no real competition."
But don't forget--there are pink gloves--and dog tags. Actually you don't get to start with pink gloves--you have to earn them. Interesting paradox, eh? You have to earn your symbol of femininity by participating in an historically masculine activity.
So this story arrived this morning a day after reading this post over at Fair Game News about troubling trends in women's sporting participation. And it includes the pinkification of apparel and gear.
And it comes a week after an email from my father about a British campaign started by two sisters--both mothers--called Pinkstinks, which objects to the utter pinkification of young girls. The women have been called commies, loonies, and--of course--lesbians for their efforts.
Says co-founder of Pinkstinks, Emma Moore: "We've tapped into something very deep and powerful," says Emma. "Some people plainly feel attacked."
Good thing women can now earn pink boxing gloves so they can fight back...oh wait...

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