Friday, June 18, 2010

Snarky book review!

And not mine! I'm not getting a whole lot of time these days to blog, let alone read stupid books about how women can fake or learn enough about sports to impress men.
Thankfully the Bostonist does!
Here is a post right up my snarky alley about the book, She's Got Game: The Woman's Guide to Loving Sports (Or Just How to Fake It). I heard about it previously, but just kind of blew it off. From what the Bostonist says, you should too. Unless you are doing research about fandom and gender stereotypes, in which case I suggest making sure you are properly buzzed before reading, or that you are getting a lot of grant money (yeah, right!) to take on such pain and suffering.
The Bostonist also makes the excellent point that interest in sports often stems from experience in them. And if you don't have it--you may not ever be a fan. And that's ok. But don't fake it for a man!

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