Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A man won the Tour de France

In case you missed it, a dude won the Tour de France keeping alive the tradition of dudes winning the grueling, multi-week bike race.
There were ladies involved, though. How could you miss those stunning outfits on the women who flanked the jersey winners? Kiss kiss and some pretty poses and smiles and a couple of very poofy white dresses with big red polka dots (for the king of the mountain jersey). (Apparently it's a pretty good stepping stone gig. American cyclist George Hincapie married one of the podium "girls" he met during the 2004 tour. He was "mesmerized" by her.)
It was a watershed year for women in the Tour, though. For the first time ever, a woman rode on the back on a motor scooter and held up the time (written on a blackboard) for the cyclists. There was even a special segment on her during the last day of Versus's coverage of the tour.
The one comment on the You Tube video which showed her getting ready appropriately sums things up: "oh goodie. what a slow and long road to equality."
Yes, far longer than the distance covered over the past several weeks.

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