Thursday, August 19, 2010

Canada, hockey, women and the Hall of Fame

Been in Canada this week--hence the lack of posts. (Always an excuse, I know!)
Saw some very good tennis Tuesday at the Rogers Cup. (I've included a few photos below.)

Last night at the hotel bar, where I was watching a most excellent match between Kim Clijsters and Bethanie Matteks-Sands but drinking an only so-so sidecar, I saw a commercial for the hockey hall of fame. No sound so I am not sure what the exact nature of the commercial was but I was pleased, pleased, pleased to note that two of the first three images flashed onscreen were of women. The first was Cammi Granato with the gold around her neck in Nagano and the third featured members from the Canadian women's team.
Since I get accused of being a Debbie Downer so often, I just thought I would take this moment to point out the good that I do have the capacity to see.

Enjoy the pics!

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