Wednesday, September 07, 2011

(More on) Why I don't watch ESPN

I was getting ready for my day Tuesday morning and multitasking. I wanted to find out the score of the Caroline Wozniacki and Svetlana Kuznetsova match because I had fallen asleep Monday night in the second set.

So I turned on ESPN. And while I was waiting I heard Stuart Scott issue an opinion on the Peyton Manning injury story and whether Manning would play Sunday. But he hedged his bets when he remarked "but what do I know? I'm wearing makeup."
Because apparently makeup has some kind of mystical effect in which the wearer lacks sports knowledge. Now, who else wears makeup? Hmmm...
Seriously. What a ridiculous statement.

[In case you were wondering, Wozniacki won. I had to go look on the internet, because I shut off the television in disgust--and rushed to an appointment. ]


Anonymous said...

Fortunately for Scott you most certainly are not his target market.

Speaking of sports news did you see where another lesbian basketball player was murdered by her lover a few days ago. That's like the third high profile case in the past year.

You should talk to the sistas about it.

ken said...

I did see the story about the Florida A&M player. Except it never said anything about it being domestic violence.
So if it is a case of domestic violence, it is another example of how the media does not want to talk about violence between female partners. I was waiting to see if something more was said on the issue.
I am well aware that I am not ESPN's target audience and I am no threat to Scott and ESPN's hegemony. I'm just poking holes.
I'm not sure who these "sistas" are. But I am pretty sure I don't have a direct line to them.

Mike Meadows said...

Hi great reading your bloog