Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thank goodness for Mechelle Voepel

Dr. Pants pointed out that the article I raved about yesterday was posted on ESPNW which receives significantly less traffic than
But Mechelle Voepel's contribution to the discussion of Penn State and the connection of the current situation to the Rene Portland situation did make it to ESPN.
And--as usual--it's very good.
Here's a snippet:
Unfortunately, many universities -- if they're being honest -- need to look at themselves and say, "Do we do all we can to ensure that everyone's compass is directed toward doing what's right, even if that might initially cause some bad publicity for the university or mean sparring with a powerful coach? Do we look out for the powerless? Is our moral code as strong as it needs to be? Where are our true priorities? Who are we most concerned about protecting?"

Those can seem like pie-in-the-sky ideals, and maybe they are. Certainly, they're much easier to commit to in theory than in practice. But if there are lessons to be gained from what's occurred at Penn State, the most important need to be learned by those in the most powerful positions at schools and their athletic departments.

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Diane said...

The AP's Michael Rubinkam considers the school just about scandal-free and doesn't even mention Portland's hate campaign. I wrote to the AP. Here's the story: