Monday, March 19, 2012

Look what made it to the jumbotron

Stories about the lesbians being kicked out of professional sports games for smooching in the stands and "offending" nearby families with small children or being denied appearances on kiss cams always irk me. Do I personally want my face magnified on a screen so I can kiss my GF while thousands of people watch? Not so much. I even try to avoid sitting near groups of small children at games because the cameras always pan to them during dance breaks and best fan contests.
But you know, visibility. And as problematic as some types of visibility are--and all that underlying liberalism--(yes, I am going to address Sports babel's comments about merchandising), if you want to gay kiss on the camera at a WNBA game, I think you should be able to.
So this story was kind of cute.
And notably--it happened in Canada.
A woman proposed to her girlfriend on the ice during the intermission of an NFL game. And the fans cheered. Check out the video.(And thanks Dr. Pants for the story.)
She said yes, eh?

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