Friday, May 25, 2012

Wishy, washy IOC ridiculousness

Has anyone written about the highly problematic tenure of IOC president Jacques Rogge? I want to fast forward to a few decades from now and read about his legacy. I can't imagine it will be favorable.
The inspiration for these frustrations? The IOC, as lead by Rogge, is still trying to work it out with Saudi Arabian officials to get some Saudi women to London in a few months to compete in the Olympics.
The only firm thing: Rogge said Saudi women will not be competing under the (neutral) IOC flag.
The IOC is getting pressure from human rights groups around the globe to sanction the Saudis if they do not allow women to compete in these games. But Rogge is not ready to talk sanctions.
Some of his comments on the situation:
It's not an easy situation.
We're working steadily with them to find a good solution.
There is a commitment. (to what and by whom?)
We are continuing to discuss with them...
Wait and see.
We do not want to enter into any hypothetical questions.

 Good grief. How much longer is this going to continue?

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