Monday, July 02, 2012

Pre-Olympic commericals

The Gatorade commercial with Abby Wambach makes me cringe. Even her voiceover "acting" is bad. Part of it is probably the script, too.
"She's lost a lot and water won't put it back." Who says that??
"Yes, she is easy to spot. She is also easy to break."

Thankfully Gatorade has redeemed itself with this commercial about keeping young girls in sports:
I liked the BP commercials featuring athletes who will (likely) be competing in London. Both able-bodied athletes and paralympians.
Alas, it is a commercial for BP. And I think about how an oil company is using those differently-abled bodies to sell its product and improve its image.
This one I believe is airing on Great Britain. I haven't seen it on US television. Couldn't find the one that is currently airing in the US, tough.


Anonymous said...

Nice full blown dyke commercial with Wambach. That should help...not.

pay per head service said...

It is quite normal that they mess it up with those ads. but at least they try to redeem themselves.