Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Olympic beach volleyball

There was some concern over the cold weather in London and how it might prevent some women's beach volleyballers from wearing their bikinis. And it has.
Looks like Getty though has been getting in as many photos of bikinis while the sun is out.
This piece is a comment on the ways in which women's beach volleyball has been photographed and what such a frame might look like on other Olympic sports.

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Anonymous said...

Had to vent. If you have been watching Rosey and Gibb you have heard Marlowe and Wong berate Rosenthal and blame him for every bad play. Especially during the recent win vs the Russians. Even accusing him of not having his head in the game.

Know this - you can't hit a bad set. Gibb blocked and hit near perfect against the Russians. Did neither in the loss to Latvia. He has set the ball horribly this whole tournament. He was bump setting toward the end of the Russian match for Christs sake. You only do that when you don't trust your hands. That is why Rosey has hitting errors and they drop points when they serve Rosenthal. Funny how he gets no credit for all those great sets he gives Gibb or great digs he makes.

Watch the matches and you will see Gibb set the ball - behind, to the left or tight at the net. No one cant hit a bad set.

Perhaps the fact that Rosey is not part of the indoor college or FIVB establishment that boycotted Karch Karilys attempt to save the Manhattan Open right after after the collapse of the AVP has something to do with it. All the big name stars turned their backs on the fans and the city of MH beach - demanding FIVB rules - when all Karch tried to do was hold an old school tourney with the beach style ball and the old school rules that made beach volleyball popular. Only one star showed up - Rosenthal. Gibb didn't show. Neither did Misty, Kerry, Todd or Phil. The big name players and commentators can kiss my shiny white arse. No one deserves a Gold metal more than the street kid from Cali.

Unlike the college grads talking smack. Sean Rosenthal worked for a living - at 15 for a cable company to support several siblings and a single mom. Turned pro at 16. Broke his right arm and learned to hit left handed. Can spike with either. Can anyone else on tour do that? Do they have a 36 inch vertical? If not - then shut the hell up.

People who play the game know that hand setting is possibly the most important and difficult skill to master. Rosey mastered that too - nice kill Gibb - who set that? Wanna return the favor? Quit letting them blame your partner when you don't!