Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blogging from the Gay Games Day 5

Tonight is my last from the Gay Games. My favorite hockey player (MFHP) lost this evening and will not be playing in the medal rounds that begin tomorrow. That means we are heading back east tomorrow.
But we had fun today anyway. After a productive trip to IKEA, we went to Navy Pier to watch volleyball. Initially we headed to North Beach to watch beach volleyball which was scheduled from 10-5 with today being the last day of play. But when we drove by at 2 it looked like people were clearing out. So we asked some lesbians (from whom there were many to choose) and they said it was all over. Bummer. So we went south to the pier and caught some team volleyball. And we ended up seeing an amazing match between a Chicago team and a Mexican team--who we qucikly adopted as our favorite. Upon initial observation of the players, I thought it would be a fun yet casual match; i.e. not especially skilled, though I never doubted the intensity or desire of the competitors. What I am trying to say not-so-diplomatically is that they didn't look like typical volleyball players--especially the Mexican team that had a few short people, some people carrying extra weight, and a gender queer individual who rocked and was able to knock down more than a few spikes despite not being especially lithe. The Chicago team ended up winning in the third (and deciding) game that usuually goes to 15 but no one could get a margin of 2 until Chicago put it away 27-25.
This match seemed to epitomize one of the missions of the Gay Games which is to show the outside world that gay people can be successful athletes. This is of course something I know in theory and in practice and in personal experience. But the Gay Games, especially today's volleyball and flag football the other day, really reminded me that gay men too--not just lesbians--can be very athletic--no matter their outward appearance.
Not especially astute observations but important reminders. Tomorrow we'll try to hit one more venue (water polo if we're lucky) and then leave the Gay Games behind for another 4 years.


Carrie said...

So, are y'all going to Germany?

After thinking it over (I had a lot of time to think last night without the distractions that electricity provides), I've decided that I definitely want to.

Haven't mentioned it to Porkchop yet, but maybe she'll be game (ha ha, unintended semi-pun).

Yay! Europe and the Gay Games!

ken said...

Yea Germany 2010! Guess I'll really have to commit to learning how to play hockey or at least learn another sport. Oh wait--I already do know how to play tennis--it will be my fallback sport.

Anonymous said...

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