Saturday, August 19, 2006

Am I a prude?

Just back from a very nice and relaxing vacation with perfect weather. There was no internet but there was cable so I caught some tennis but I was jonesing for some women's sports this afternoon and so quite pleased when I caught the Hingis match at the Rogers Cup. Not much to report except that the commentators like to say "drama" a lot when there are injury timeouts and there was a not so subtle implication from courtside commentator Justin Gimmelstob (isn't he still a player?) that the female players exaggerate injuries, thus creating the drama.
Anyway, the point of this was that after the match I found the finals of the AVP Chicago with Misty May and Kerrie Walsh won easily. I guess I haven't watched beach volleyball in a while, but I was shocked by the skimpy swimsuits. I have, to a certain extent, gotten over the fact that they play in triangle bikini tops. All of the women in the court didn't really need a lot of support so these worked just fine. Well fine except that after falling or stretching they had to tug at them to make sure they were covering all the appropriate places.
But most of the tugging was down below. Except it was futile because there wasn't any fabric to pull. The bottoms didn't have enough fabric to get bunched up anywhere. It all looked rather uncomfortable. When you're playing hard it seems the last thing you want to be doing is constantly adjusting your uniform.
So why then do they persist in wearing these itty bitty "uniforms"?
I think I will just leave that question rhetorical.


Diane said...

What disgusted me during the Olympics were the cheerleaders that Misty May and Kerrie Walsh had. They were dressed in practically nothing and, in my opinion, cheapened the whole event. If they were going to have sex object cheerleaders, couldn't they at least have had them be men?

Yes, Gimelstob (who inaugurated his blog, Gimel'sBlog, with an obnoxiously sexist post at last year's U.S. Open) is still a player, and is having a fairly good season. I think he is being groomed for a spot in the booth. I have never forgiven him for that first post (Lindsay Davenport let him have it, though she failed to address the real issue).

Anyway, it appeared to me than Anna--though she is certainly emotionally immature--was in real pain. If Gimelstob is going to stir things up, Pammie and Cliffie--as they are now calling each other--will love it. They live for that sort of thing.

ken said...

I heard about the Olympic cheerleaders but did not see them for myself. I heard they were at all the beach volleyball events--not just for Walsh and May. There was some discussion about that at the time.
I will have to check out Gimelstob's blog--not that I really need something else in my life to piss me off.
It was actually Mary Jo who was commentating at the Rogers Cup. I think Pammie was in Ohio doing sideline stuff.