Friday, August 11, 2006

Yeah Jeopardy!

Last night, in the penultimate episode of college Jeopardy!, there was a category called Athletes in Double Jeopardy. I was so pleased that of the five answers, three were about female athletes: Danica Patrick, Kim Clijsters, and Annika Sorenstam.
The Danica Patrick one was just a picture of her, a posed shot, not action, but at least she was in uniform. This, in my mind, made the question, which was in the $2000 spot, a little on the easy side. But I was surprised that the answerer paused and made it seem like it was almost a guess. I mean, how many other females are sporting racing gear these days? (Yes I know there are more female racers than Patrick, but none that are nearly as famous. The woman has a deodorant commercial!)
But on the up side, all the questions about women were answered correctly. Though the answerer of the golf question (about winning the career Grand Slam) said "Sorenstam" and I thought he should have been made to give her first name given that her sister, Carlotta, also plays golf. You can't just say Kennedy when you want to answer a question about American politics, right? Oh well, it's a little thing and it doesn't damper my enthusiasm over the excellent representation of female athletes.