Friday, September 29, 2006

Advice from the coach

One of the big games in college football this weekend is the Big Ten battle between Ohio State and University of Iowa at Iowa. It is especially big for Iowa not just because they are currently undefeated, but because ESPN is coming to town and the game is a featured night time contest airing on ABC. It is the first night game at home for Iowa.
Messages are out all over about students being on their best behavior and representing the university well. Today the coach himself, Kirk Ferentz, sent an email to the entire unversity community reiterating some of these same messages. But he added something that pretty much made my jaw drop and my head spin when I thought about how the university let this message get out:
Please be sure to pace yourself through the day; we're going to need our fans to be at their very best at kickoff and throughout the game.

Hmmm...what could coach mean about pacing oneself during the day? Oh maybe he's thinking about all the students studying in the library and he's worried about them getting burnt out on academics and having to go to bed before the big game thus depleting the fan base.
Or perhaps he is concerned about the faculty who frequently--because they are so overloaded--spend weekends doing their own research and writing. Or maybe he is worried about the bus drivers and custodial staff that work all weekend (practically invisible to the community).

One or all of these has to be it because I am sure Coach Ferentz is not really saying to carefully monitor your alcohol intake throughout the day so that you don't show up at the game rip roarin' drunk and obnoxious and then puke on your fellow spectators or pass out in the stands where you will be left behind by your so-called friends. Because that would be tacitly condoning the massive amount of drinking--usualy of a binge-type nature--that happens on game days. That would be saying that the culture around football at the university--the one that is centered on misogyny and homophobia and destructive commercialism--is just fine.

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