Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Women make baskets and men just show up

I joined a women's USTA league recently. We haven't started playing official matches yet but there has been lots of email contact among us as the start of the season nears. Today I received a forward advertising a charity tournament this weekend. In addition to the tennis there is a basket raffle. Teams create baskets. (Everything in yellow is from the email sent by one of the coordinators.)
Some “basket” themes to get those creative juices flowing, but you can do anything you would like. Surprise me - BBQ; Golf; Romance; Pet Supplies; Caribbean Fiesta; Think Pink; Gourmet Dinner for Two; Housewarming; Virgin Olive Oil & Accessories; Beach; Lobster; Gardening; Get Away.
Baskets get raffled off and the proceeds, in addition to the fees for entering the tournament, get donated to a local hospital's breast cancer division.
But there are incentives to get people to make the baskets:
Some Women's teams are entered into the fabulous basket fundraising raffle - they are creating their own basket that will be raffled off to lucky winners the day of the event (you do not need to be present to win). The baskets will be judged on various categories - teams that win will receive a fabulous prize.
Lest you think that the coordinators are discriminating against men. Oh no--the men's teams too can win a fabulous prize (no word on what the fabulous prize is).
For the Men's teams I have a seperate challenge - the men's team that has the most people playing in the event on Saturday - will win a fabulous prize. What do you have to do - have attendees provide your team name when they sign-up or come in to play. At the end of the event - the men's team with the most players participating gets a fabulous prize - oops I said that already.

Women make fabulous baskets--and men just show up. Yep--that sounds about right.

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