Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stupid Google

Usually I appreciate it when Google--clearly smarter than myself--corrects my searches because I have a typo or spelled a name wrong, etc. Usually I am quite thankful, "Yes, Google, I did indeed mean to search for Sheryl Swoopes and not Cheryl Swoopes. Thank you." (I actually know how to spell Swoopes's name I just needed a quick example.)
But the other day when I was actively seeking out information about the WNBA draft which happened earlier this week (because one must actively seek it out; it is hard to just come upon it), I got a little ticked off at Google.
I searched "WNBA draft 2007." And I got: "did you mean NBA draft 2007?"
No, I certainly did not. I was surprised that it thinks the W is a mistake given that the WNBA has been around for a decade and that the draft was mere days ago and that there were plenty of hits for my intended search. Not to mention that fact that the W is nowhere near the N on the keyboard.

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