Friday, April 27, 2007

Trans(forming) sport

It has been an amazing week for a feminist blogger writing on gender and sports. And this story just ends it all on a great note. Yesterday in his column LA Times sports columnist Mike Penner came out--as a transsexual woman. Penner told readers that after he returns from his vacation he will be returning as the person he always knew he was: a woman named Christine Daniels.
Penner reports that he has gradually told friends and co-workers, including his editor, all of whom were supportive.
It was a very brave and heartfelt column--one that Penner (I am referring to Penner as a male as he himself did in the column indicating that when he comes back he will be Christine) didn't have to write. You can read the relief Penner must feel being out and the excitement at starting this journey.
And what's very exciting is that now there is another woman sportswriter at a major paper!

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