Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New BC coach

Boston College announced at the end of May that former assistant coach Katie King would take over as head coach for the Eagles' women's ice hockey team.
It seemed a no-brainer for BC--and probably more like a necessity. King, as an assistant, does a lot of recruiting and when former coach Tom Mutch left because of inappropriate relations with a current player my guess is that she spent a lot of time on the phone reassuring parents of future and current players. The situation has already left BC without a current player who chose to transfer and a recruit who only had a verbal agreement. She chose to go to Mercyhurst. It's probably not a coincidence that she played at Lawrence Academy for Mutch's wife, Laurie Mutch. That feeder system is probably over.
As a three-time Olympian King also has a lot of respect in the hockey community which will continue to help her bring good players to BC.
It's very exciting that there is another woman coach in Hockey East. But that was likely part of the BC decision as well. King is probably seen as less likely to get involved in a relationship with her players because she is neither a man nor a gay woman; though she isn't married so her hetero status is not as solid as the system would like it to be but she has been (and may currently be) in relationships with men which her players know.
It will be interesting to see if King keeps the all-female staff. The two assistant coaches are very young but include Sarah Carlson, who you will know if you ever watch ESPN. She's one of the profiled "going pro in something other than sport" athletes. She is the ER nurse.

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