Saturday, June 09, 2007

The reviews are coming in

I haven't gotten a chance to see Gracie because no cinema in my area is playing it yet. (Shrek III and Pirates of the Caribbean (also in its third installment) are monopolizing the theaters.)

But reviews and other articles about the film are trickling in. This review of the movie in which a high school girl tries to make the boys' soccer team (it's pre- or early Title IX years) to honor the memory of her dead soccer superstar brother is not so hot on the movie. [Sorry, I lost the link. I will post it when I find it.]

From what I have heard about the movie, which despite my interest in the subject matter, seems fairly predictable, the review is probably not too far off.

More of the back story about the movie is emerging. I learned from the above linked review that the "based on a true story" is actually based on Elisabeth Shue's, who plays the mother, own childhood. [And a sidenote on the note: according to this month's TENNIS magazine, Elisabeth Shue is trying, at the age of 43, to become a tennis professional. We'll have to see where this goes.]

But this story that centers on an interview with Andrew Shue (Elisabeth's brother and a producer of Gracie) reveals the vagueness of the phrase "true story." Elisabeth was actually 9 when she fought for a spot on the boys' team; not a teenager; and there doesn't appear to be a tragedy involved that made her want to join, though the Shues did have a brother who died. Oh, and it wasn't really a fight because the coach let her play. I think "based on real-life events" is a stretch.

But the interview with Shue shows he is up on his Title IX. He says: "...and there's still controversy today. People get up in front of Congress saying they're taking away from guy sports. You go 'Yeah, I guess it is because there's so much money for football, basketball that it's still hard to get all the sports you want.' But it's been a crucial law that has enabled the growth of girl's (sic) sports."

I did also come across a good review that calls the movie "an inspirational sports drama."

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