Friday, July 20, 2007

Did you find what you were looking for?

1. As I mentioned previously, there are no nude pictures of Ana Ivanovic here. Neither are there pics or discussion of her armpits. I wondered how anyone found me searching for anything to do with armpits then I remembered that I quoted a journalist who said Nadal's armpits were masculine.
2. I was quite excited to see my average daily hit count up over 30 and then I saw that it's largely because of all the people who want glitter headbands. As disappointed as I was by this attention to female athletes' accessories I did take some heart that the searches were for Jennie Finch or the US softball team and glitter headbands. This means that people were watching the World Cup of Softball last week where glitter headbands appeared to be the new must-have fashion accessory.
3. I liked the search for "odd names for a co-ed softball team" though I really can't think of any at the moment. When I played co-ed softball our team was a now-cancelled TV show reference. Not particularly odd. I have heard great names for all-women softball teams, though again my current team's name is a play on the Red Sox. But the book Diamonds are a Dyke's Best Friend highlights some great team names. If anyone has good softball team names--co-ed or otherwise--please leave them in the comments section or email me. Maybe we'll start a contest.
4. Surprise search of the week: Is Cat Osterman gay? Wow. I think this just goes to show how almost any female athlete is assumed to be gay until she proves her heterosexuality. Osterman does not wear as much make-up as fellow US pitcher Jennie Finch; she did not pose for SI Swimsuit Issue, nor did she marry right of college and have a baby in her mid-20s. I guess that raises the lesbian red flag alert. She could walk down any street in the country and never be suspected of being a lesbian (obviously appearance isn't everything--there are many non-stereotypical lesbians) but put a ball in her hand and have her illustrate her exceptional athleticism and bam! she might be a lesbian.

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Unknown said...

Ha ha, this thing about Ana is really funny.