Monday, July 23, 2007

Traditional sport=non-traditional wedding

I have plenty of opinions on civil marriage and even more on the wedding industrial complex. But I blog about sport so I don't get a chance to vent them here. But I heard a story recently--if you'll pardon the pun--that marries the two.

A NY NPR member station had on the mayor of Cooperstown who was talking about planning for the tourist influx that occurs in the small town every summer during and around induction weekend. She mentioned that she is marrying two baseball fans next weekend. The groom is wearing a Phillies uniform; the bride is donning a Padres uniform. (Or maybe it's the opposite; I can't remember exactly.) Putting aside the fact of the wedding/marriage, I thought it was a rather bold move in a society in which there are more rules and regulations surrounding weddings than there are in any sport. Good for you, I thought. Far braver than some of my queer friends who joke about how their weddings are the only time they will ever be caught in a dress. Basically they are going to their own weddings in drag. At least the happy baseball couple isn't making any pretense over who they are.

No plans for the mayor to be in an umpire's uniform, but maybe guests at the reception can bat around a beach ball from table to table.

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