Saturday, August 25, 2007

Introducing Agnes Szavay

Agnes Szavay will play in today's Pilot Pen final against Svetlana Kuznetsova.

I saw Szavay on Wednesday in her first set against Hantuchova (I had to get over to the grandstand to see the Raymond/Davenport doubles match) and it was the first I had seen her play or even heard of her. (The big question is what is the correct pronunciation of her name. She was introduced as Agnes Szavay with a pronunciation like the French ca va but with the last syllable accented and a long a sound: ca VAY. But on ESPN--which I have no faith in for pronunciation of players' name--they are saying something like CHA-vay.)

She's good and I was surprised I had not heard of her given that she is in the top 50. And last night she took out Eleni Danillidou who I watched in an amazing comeback against Sybille Bammer on Wednesday.

I hope the players who have been making strides in the US Open Series have a good showing at the Open this coming week.

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Diane said...

Agni won her first WTA Tour tournament last month in Palermo.

The tournament announcers and the ESPN announcers are all saying her name wrong: It is SHA-veye.