Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Did you find what you were looking for?

1. There must have been a rerun of The Family Guy episode in which Peter disses the WNBA relying on sexist and homophobic stereotypes. There have been a lot of hits looking for "WNBA Family Guy." If it is really as harmless as some of the commenters on the original post suggested, I don't think people would be looking for blog commentary on it.

2. There have also been a lot of searches about the Tonka "boys are built differently" ad campaign. I actually have not seen the ads of late because the little television I get to watch these days does not seem to be aimed a toy truck-buying market. But I hope every parent that sees those commercials is outraged. It seems that a feminist forum on a My Space page has linked here as evidence that others are perturbed by the blatant essentialism in Tonka's ad campaign.

3. Have I missed a big story about women's wrestling or race and gender in wrestling? There are a lot of searches for women's wrestling or black women in wrestling lately. If there's some news I have not reported on please someone let me know (in comments or by email after.atalanta@gmail.com).
4. College basketball season has begun. That means searches on "[coach's name] lesbian." As far as I know Joanne McCallie who is in her first season at Duke after a successful stint at Michigan State, is not a practicing homosexual. She is married and has a couple of children.
5. Funny/curious search of the week (month?): "martina hingis and stepanek and sex life." I think Hingis now has bigger things to worry about than her former sex life with ex-fiance Radek Stepanek--and hopefully whoever searched for this does too.

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