Thursday, February 28, 2008

I can't even begin to understand...

...why NHL games have these "ice girls."

Check out this photo. [I wanted so badly to post it but since there is a fairly obvious "just don't even think about reproducing this image" message, I opted not to. I mean if this is what they do to compliant women, imagine what they would do to a rule breaker like me.]

What do they do? Why are they girls (as in women--I know why they are referred to as girls) and not boys/men? Why are they dressed up in weird outfits? Does the crowd really appreciate them? If they weren't there would fans stop going to NHL games?

It seems so acritical to say it's just "patriarchy." I am constantly reminding my students that patriarchy is not a good answer to the questions we ask about women's oppression; that we must analyze a situation.

But this one just is beyond me.

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