Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm sorry, who?

There have been a barrage of Think Pink events coming across my email (more on that tomorrow) so I have not been paying all that much attention. So that's why I kind of overlooked the press release I received about the 11th annual celebration of Women's Sports Day at St. Johns University.* That is until I saw who was the keynote speaker: Lisa Leslie-Lockwood.
Wait, who is this Leslie-Lockwood? I honestly thought there was someone out there--not the WNBA star--who was named Lisa Leslie-Lockwood. Because I know who Lisa Leslie is. I hope most people do.
But in case you don't, the press release provides this description:
Lisa Leslie-Lockwood, a WNBA all-star known for championing women's issues, will mark Women in Sports Day at St. John's with a presentation on the importance of early screening and detection.
Obviously one of those women's issues is not the importance of challenging historic constructions and present-day manifestations of women as the property of men.
Why women in general change their names when they get married baffles me. Why famous women do it astounds me. Sure, I get why athletes do it--it's like carrying a big sign that says--even to those not paying much attention--I am not a lesbian. (Of course these days lesbians seem to be into the hyphenated name thing too--except it's usually a two way exchange.)
I don't how much reassurance I get from the fact that Leslie-Lockwood's Wikipedia entry is still just Lisa Leslie. She's still listed on the Sparks web page as Lisa Leslie but her jersey says Leslie-Lockwood.

* So this is the second event (Syracuse's Think Pink was the other) I have seen that is combining a women's sports day celebration with a breast cancer awareness event. I am finding this more and more troublesome.

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