Sunday, October 26, 2008

More new blogs

So I found Because I Played Sports the other day and was pleased. And now I keep finding more blogs that I never knew about.

First, there's Women Like Sports. Blogger Apryl Delancey blogs about her own fandom. Unfortunately from what I have seen she blogs mostly about men's sports. Though Delancey does appear to be a regular reader of Because I Played Sports and links to the blog and highlights the stories there.

Then there's Girls Dig Sports. It's a little slicker looking than most of the blogs on women's sports and, again, the content seems to be focused on men's sports. So these two will not make it on the blogroll just yet. I really hope both cover more women's sports, because it would be pretty disappointing if when we talk about women liking sports, we're only talking about men's sports.

A little more to my liking is Women Play Sports, though it has not been updated since the beginning of September. Hopefully Dr. Oh No Romo will get back on track.

Also looking promising is Athletic Women Blog that highlights various stories both mainstream and now. I find it heartening when a sports blog uses "feminism" as a tag for entries.


Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks for the link...yeah, I blog about all sports and have featured interviews with a lot of women athletes (search "5 questions" on my search bar and see - then stop by on Mondays for the regular feature). I also follow a local women's pro football team when the season starts. Come back by and take a look, everyone is welcome in my world. I like to look at sports as a whole - not just men's or just women's!

ken said...

Great! Thanks, Apryl. I will make sure to stop by regularly.

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