Friday, October 24, 2008

New (to me) blog

Check out Because I Played Sports, I blog I recently found (via Women's Sports Blog). Because I Played, run by former b-baller Megan Hueter, attempts to fill some of the void on the internet about women's sports.
She has some of my favorite blogs on her blogroll. Unfortunately this one is not one them, but maybe someday my little blog will be up there, too.
Tomorrow (or some time in the near future) I will comment on a story Because I Played has been following about a female placekicker on a GA high school football team.


mhueter said...

Hey there! Thanks for the link! I'm adding you to my blogroll right now.

Glad we could connect!


ken said...

Thanks, Meg. Not to be a pain but the blog is After Atalanta (the mythological figure) not Atlanta (the location of the 96 Summer Games).