Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please register your concern

I so enjoy sending a strongly worded note of concern over some egregious act perpetuated by some knowing persons. Letters to the editor, letters to journalists, letters to television execs, letters to administrators--things of that sort. Haven't done it in a while. Thankfully Pat Griffin over at the It Takes a Team blog has provided me and others like me a new opportunity. She had previously reported on the suspension of two volunteer coaches of youth baseball in Michigan City, IN after they not only condoned the use of anti-gay slurs against a 12-year old boy, but participated in the harassment and proceeded to defend their actions and those of the other harassers. They were suspended from coaching for one year. A slap on the wrist if ever there was one.
Now, though, it's a slap in the face to the victim and his supporters: the recreation department has overturned the suspension of said coaches.
Please read more of the story at It Takes a Team where there are also links to the original stories. And then email or call the head of the recreation board and the mayor of Michigan City. Contact info is below and at Griffin's blog.

Jeremy Kienitz Recreation Director
voice: (219) 873-1524

Mayor Chuck Oberlie
Office of the Mayor 100 East Michigan Boulevard
Michigan City, Indiana 46360


Diane said...

The blog says that the coaches' appeal was overturned. At first I thought this was all a mistake, but unfortunately, it isn't. I will write emails later today, and encourage others to do so.

Diane said...

According to Mayor Oberlie, the suspensions will stand.