Friday, March 05, 2010

Bringing a Dinah to the Final Four?

I don't even know why it took this long for someone to turn one of the other lesbian-fan dominated events into a big lesboganza. But this year in San Antonio where the women's Final Four is being held, an enterprising lesbian from San Diego is hosting a big par-tay for all the women loving women out there. And it's being hosted by Curve and (a website for female fans of women's sports). And the honorary chair is the only truly out coach, Portland State's It's called the Final Four Fling and promoter Jody Sims is hoping to make the Final Four a Dinah Shore-esque event.
So now the only question is which group is more queasy about being associated with lesbians: women's golf or women's intercollegiate basketball?
Doesn't matter, really. Throw them a party (loosely) affiliated with a sporting event, and they will come.


Denise said...

While in San Antonio during the Final Four, we invite you to SWISH (a party at an awesome local gay nightclub on the gay stip in San Antonio). SWISH beneficiaries include: Antonio Sports, Equality Texas, Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund®. and the International Woman’s Day march of San Antonio.

Come to both Final Four Fling AND SWISH… our parties are on different nights!

purchase tickets to SWISH:

Scamp said...

Heck, the Final Four crowd has always been full of lesbians! As for parties, some of us do and some of us don't.