Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is: Because it's boring?

That's the Jeopardy version of the answer posed by MSNBC columnist Mike Celizic who asked "Why no buzz about UConn women's reign?"
UConn demolished the University of West Virginia last night. UWV stayed close throughout the first half and a little bit into the second, then I turned my head away for a minute or two and it was pretty much over. I kept the game on for background noise as I finished my dinner. Then I turned on a rerun of the season finale of Glee wwhich was still more interesting but shared one similarity with the game: I knew how both were going to end.
The Big East tournament was pretty much in my backyard and I didn't go because I didn't want to see UConn demolish everyone in its path. (Well I almost went to see Rutgers play Saturday because C. Vivian is my favorite!--but I was tired and cranky.)
Absolutely the lack of interest reflects the sexist culture we live in. And while there has been some media coverage of the streak most of it implies--or outright states--that the women's game lacks depth. It's a half-feted attempt (Ha!).
Notice the similarity to another recent "controversy" in women's sports? Yep kind of like all the attention the Canadian and US women's hockey teams received during the Olympics. Same debate, different week.
And again UConn is under no obligation to back off. And I am sure they wouldn't given who their coach is. (Another reason why I think perhaps the streak is not that covered--Geno Auriemma just isn't well nice or media-friendly or humble.) But everyone should look at why, given the popularity of basketball in this country, there isn't more parity in the women's game at this point.

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