Friday, April 09, 2010

In case you missed it...Tiger's back

I know, it flew under the radar and all, but Tiger Woods is out of rehab and playing the Master's this week. And The Globe and Mail is wondering whether his return will offend women who make up a pretty decent sized segment of the golfing audience. They play less but spend more on the sport. (It's because halfway decent-looking golf clothes for women cost more than those ubiquitous polos guys throw on with their khakis. Women of course could wear the polo/khaki combo, but I, personally, have an issue playing a sport in khakis. I mean is it golf or casual Friday at the firm?)
Anyway, some are worried that women are going to be offended if things are just allowed to go one without comment or sanction.
Tiger cheated. Cheated with women deemed unsavory. And he got caught. It's a scenario "women" are familiar with. I wonder how many wives of August National members have an intimate knowledge of such things??
Give me a break. People cheat. I am not saying it is right; I'm just noting that it's not unusual. If the fact that a known adulterer is playing golf again turns women away from the sport more so that women have long experienced discrimination in the sport--especially at Augusta National--than things are more effed up than even I thought.

Thankfully schadenfraude does a lot to put me in a better mood about such things. And I'm not quite sure whether someone at Nike (or Nike's ad agency--not sure if their commercials are created in house or contracted out) is either going to get fired for the really bad Tiger commercial or get a promotion for all the buzz it has generated. Spoofs appeared within a day of it airing. Here are some of my favorites:

That one is from American Psycho.

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