Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Lorena, you made a fool of me

You know, Lorena Ochoa, I went to bat for you. When that idiot commentator asked whether you were thinking retirement when you announced your engagement last summer, I noted that no man would ever be asked that question. And your response that you would continue to play made my rant seem justified.
So, really? You're retiring? At age 28? To concentrate on your family duties and charitable work? I mean, I think you're good and all, and I know your new new husband, like, owns an airline and you probably don't need the money, but your first name is not Annika.
I mean, if you want to pull a Kim Clijsters, I would be fine with that, but I am not so sure I can be as supportive of that comeback.
I do have to thank you, though, for getting me out of this blogging slump I have been in. I was just whining about the lack of blog-worthy sport news when I casually glanced and Yahoo! sports and there you were!

Ochoa will hold a press conference Friday to share more details about this "new stage" in her life. It is not known whether the retirement is effective immediately.


Diane said...

Well, I didn't see that coming. I wonder if there's more to it than meets the eye?

anonymous said...

I was sorry to see this. I noticed in a highlight of a tournament that Ochoa was becoming more angry on the course. Perhaps the game was no longer fun for her?