Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear Rich Lerner:

How long do you think you will stick around the golf scene, doing commentary? You know, 'cause you're married and all?
Of course you've been married for a while now. You even have two kids! And yet you still work! Amazing!
And so I wonder why it is you asked the number one golfer in the world, Lorena Ochoa, how long she plans on sticking around golf--right after you asked her when her pending nuptials will take place.
Yes, Ochoa is getting married in December viewers of today's LPGA Championship found out. You know, there are a lot of players out there who are married. Some even have kids and have continued to play at very high levels--a la Julie Inkster. And there are plenty of married women and mothers who play sports other than golf.
This probably isn't just a gender thing, though, is it Rich? It likely has a lot to do with American beliefs about Mexican culture and the role of the woman/wife.
Thankfully Ochoa assured you that she fully intends to keep playing. To keep contending for majors, and to keep her number one spot. Because, of course, WHY WOULDN'T SHE??

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