Saturday, June 06, 2009

Feel so bad for Safina

Just saw Safina lose the French Open final. It was heartbreaking. I had a slight inclination to root for Kuznetsova, but still, I would have liked to see a better second set. And maybe even a third!

Good for Kuznetsova though. As someone who has fought the same nerves Safina had today, Kuznetsova had a great match. A great tournament which included an amazing match against Serena Williams. And Kuznetsova was quite gracious in her win. There was not a lot of exuberance--out of respect for Safina. (She was crossing herself quite a bit, though. I had not known she was quite so religious.)

And how amazing did Steffi Graf look in her off-white/beige suit?!


Diane said...

In her press conference, she referred to God more than the Williams sisters. I think this is new, or at least the expression of it is new.

I like both of these players so much. I'm really pleased for Sveta, but I feel terrible for Dinara. She needs some help.

tennischick said...

Sveta made a big sign of the cross the minute she won. i was stunned by it too. seems to be a new development -- no complaints here, it's working for her.