Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Abby Wambach get air time on ESPN but...

...she's talking about hot dogs.

My friend, Dr. Pants, was kind enough to share this link with me. (I tried to embed the video but it kept shutting down my browser.)

So Abby Wambach gets some air time on Sports Center to talk about World Cup qualifying. But she ends up talking about the hot dog incident. The hot dog incident occurred when Wambach missed the goal and sent the ball into the stands while taking warm-up shots before a game against China. She hit a fan who was returning to his seat, hot dog and other items in hand. Said hot dog was knocked out of his hand when the ball hit him in the side/back. You can check out the videos of Wambach looking sheepish. But she was later told that the hot dogs were $10, which apparently adds something to this story. Not quite sure what though. Not sure why this is a story actually. It did make Sports Center's Top Ten.* Interviewer thought it should have been higher than the 8 or 9 sport it earned. (Someone needs to explain to the Sports Center interviewer why the word gypped should not be used.)

It's sad that when women's soccer gets any attention on ESPN (which as you will note does not cover anything that has to do with the WPS--not even scores on the ticker!!) it's around a hot dog! Wonder if ESPNW* will do a better job when it gets the opportunity?

* I'm not sure if Sports Center reported the score of the actual game or offered any highlights/commentary.

** Yes, I will likely write something more on the advent of ESPNW. And the Body Issue! Just haven't gotten through it/to it yet.

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