Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Student-athletes and anti-bullying efforts

Given the homophobia that has--historically--swirled around sport, as well as the recent spate of high-profile anti-gay bullying incidents around the country, this article was very welcome.
At University of Michigan student-athletes have stepped up to support their student body president, Chris Armstrong.
Armstrong has been targeted by Andrew Shirvell, an assistant district attorney in Michigan, for his allegedly radical homosexual agenda. Shirvell has followed Armstrong around protesting his politics and--seemingly--his sexual identity. Armstrong is currently seeking a restraining order against Shirvell. Shirvell has been making his feelings about Armstrong's politics known since Armstrong, the first openly gay SBP at Michigan, ran for the position last spring. Shirvell has also used his blog, Chris Armstrong Watch, to attack Armstrong. One post contained a swastika. I won't get into a discussion of free speech versus threatening speech, but I will note that it's kind of curious that a state official is taking such an interest in the politics of a student body president.
The student body, including student-athletes, have rallied around Armstrong. At the above link you can see photos of student-athletes sporting tee shirts that read:
Elected by us. Respected by us. I expect respect for myself and my community. When one member of our community is targeted, we are all attacked.
Good work, Wolverines!

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