Monday, January 24, 2011

New blog!

I found the new blog Off the Court today. It's penned by Aussie Rebecca Leeks who describes herself as an activist and a socialist. And I like her. Well I like her blog which appears to be fairly new.
There's this good post about how tennis player Caroline Wozniacki turned--in a very humorous and playful way--on the press after she was criticized for being boring in her press conferences. I have long waited for players who called the press on their inane questions. Wozniacki did it brilliantly without coming across as spiteful or arrogant.
But the post that really made me feel like Leeks and I could be besties was this one: Australian Open Drinking Game.
Highlights from the game:

  • Take two drinks each time Kim Clijsters’ child is mentioned
  • Take five drinks when Jim Courier makes a sexist remark about his wife, someone else’s wife or one of the female players. (I didn't know JC got married. So much for my theory that is gay.)
  • Have a drink when Andy Roddick touches himself
  • Have a drink when Rafael Nadal picks his bum
  • Have a little sip when Lleyton Hewitt yells C'mon (I don't want you to pass out before you get the satisfaction of seeing Lleyton get beaten)
  • Take a drink when the commentators mention a female tennis player’s outfit.

I mean someone who sees Courier's sexism, the male players' little touching tics, the commentators' annoying behaviors, and who dislikes Hewitt too! Looking forward to reading more on Off the Court. (I just need to figure out what it means to skull one's drink.)


Diane said...

Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova have taken on the press before, too. Frankly, I like the way they did it a lot better than the way Wozniacki did it, but that's just personal taste. And, as Wozniacki discovered, it's so easy, it isn't even sporting.

ken said...

True. I do recall Venus's specific comments to the press and I always like the way Sharapova conducts herself in press conferences--a certain attitude there though I cannot think of specific moments.
And while I thought Wozniacki's delivery needed some work, I thought she did a good job for "a nice girl."