Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Line of the day!

I always feel a little less crazy when Pat Griffin's throughts and writings echo my own.
And I get very excited when Dr. Griffin brings out a little bit of snark.
So she wins today's Line of the Day.
Her post is in reference to the new IOC policy on testing the hormone levels of female competitors. It seems to (but I haven't read the actual policies) be the same or similar to what the IAAF announced a few weeks ago, which I found a little suspect.
The IOC policy prevents other athletes from calling into question one (or more) of their competitors. But it does allow an athlete to seek her own answers!
Here's Dr. Griffin's take on that particular aspect of the policy:

I am trying to imagine a woman stopping by her nearest “specialized medical center” to ask, “Can you tell me if I am a woman or not? I can run so fast, I’ve begun to question.”

Alice Dreger, who previously wrote about the ordeal Caster Semenya went through, has a piece today in the NYT about the new rules and their inequitable application.

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