Monday, April 04, 2011

Not a word?

Good news, my local NPR affiliate did mention the women's tournament, specifically the semifinal games that were played last night in Indiana, this morning. But that's likely because I live near the Connecticut border and thus Husky fans are in the listening area. In other words, it's local news. But I was surprised that the little blip on the nationally syndicated Morning Edition about what is happening tonight (the men's final: UConn versus Butler) didn't lead into something about the two amazing games that happened last night. Le sigh. At least Christine Brennan tweeted, during the games, about the perpetuation of the Lady nickname, even though no Lady teams were present. I'm kind of stream of consciousing here but I'm almost done. I really have enjoyed getting to "know" Gary Blair, Texas A&M's head coach. What I have heard about and from him I like. The keeping calm technique during time outs. His demeanor during practices seems very calm and encouraging. He seems very supportive of his players on and off the court. Glad to see his team have success this season. Given that my bracket is shot, I think I will root for A&M in the finals. (Texas schools versus Christian school--it was tough!) Now to watch the game from my couch or head to a bar/pub and convince the clientele that women's basketball is worth watching?

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