Friday, May 06, 2011

Sam Stosur: Being apologized for

Sam Stosur currently ranks in my top three of athlete crushes.
And so her success this past year has made me happy not just for her but for me--because I get to see her more when she is winning. She obviously gets more press as well.
Including this article* by Malcolm Knox, which appeared in an Australian publication. It's a lengthy piece that chronicles her career, her sidelining illness, her resurgence, as well as a one-on-one interview with Stosur herself.
Knox relates his encounter with her:

When she stopped to speak to me, what was most remarkable was Stosur's stillness and clarity. She looked you in the eye. Neither as muscular nor as deep-voiced as she appears on television, she was strikingly normal, if that makes any sense.

READ: She doesn't seem like as much of a lesbian (I was going to use the d-word but I'm holding back) as I thought she would.

Stosur's muscles are amazing. Her shoulders make strong and broad-shouldered like myself a little less self-conscious about our not-so-petite frames. I find them very attractive.
But more than that--they are practical. She needs them given her current profession. One might even say they are an asset.
And as for the deep voice comment. Just ridiculous.
Sam Stosur has got it going on. Malcolm Knox doesn't need to make apologies for how she looks or speaks.

* which I found via a link from Diane's Women Who Serve blog.

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