Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WaPo no-no

I'm an overworked blogger (how that happened on my first official week of summer break is curious) so I am largely re-telling what the Women's Sports Foundation said to some if its constituents this morning: the Washington Post assumes too much.
WaPo published a a feature on the status of youth soccer in the US and the debate over whether future national team and professional stars in the MLS should be playing high school soccer and be playing in academies.
It's an interesting debate. In case you care, I am for high school sports. The whole full-time, one-sport training thing is a little much as evidenced by the plethora of disappointed former teen tennis players and their parents or even by the successful ones like Andre Agassi.
But that's not the point. The point is that in an article about youth soccer, one would think we would read about all of youth soccer. But no. This is about boys' youth soccer--exclusively. And it does not acknowledge the huge youth soccer system for girls as well. The author has effectively erased the existence of professional women's soccer in this country as well as the young women who are playing youth soccer and will be the future of the league and the USNT.

I plan on writing a little note to WaPo about this "oversight." If you would like to do so here are the addresses:
or the Sports Department:

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