Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In golf?

I flipped on the Golf Channel, which was airing the LPGA's HanaBank Championship this past weekend. It was background and it was on less than two minutes when I heard the British male commentator say that it would have been a "wussy" move if Yani Tseng hadn't pulled out her driver for her tee shot because her playing partner had just done so.
Really, wussy--in golf?
I mean wussy anywhere is problematic. But in golf it seems all the more weird to use such sexually suggestive slang. And in the context of Yani Tseng? The woman is dominating the LPGA. Never heard of the current number one player who has 9 victories this season and has held the number 1 spot for 34 weeks? Well she's not American and she's not white--which means she isn't getting a lot of attention in the American media.
But at least she's not a wussy after all. She hit an amazing tee shot at that hole--and she won the whole thing.


Diane said...

It's appalling that men are insulted by being caled women, and in the most derogatory ways. Now we insult women by calling them women in the most derogatory ways? If he had insulted her for her race, there would have been problems (as well there should be), but insulting women is perfectly fine all the time.

Generally speaking, though, the women's golf commentators don't behave like this.

Anonymous said...

Who was this 'British' commentator? You would just love Peter Allis as a comentator, or possibly not. Katharine UK

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